13: Ian Cordasco – Betamax

Testing apps that use requests without using mock.

Interview with Ian Cordasco (@sigmavirus24)


  • Betamax - python library for replaying requests interactions for use in testing.
  • requests
  • github3.py
  • Pycon 2015 talk: Ian Cordasco - Cutting Off the Internet: Testing Applications that Use Requests - PyCon 2015
  • Pytest and using Betamax with pytest fixtures
  • The utility (or uselessness) of teaching programming with Java (My own rant mainly)
  • Rackspace and Ian’s role at Rackspace and OpenStack
  • Python Code Quality Authority: flake8, pep8, mccabe, pylint, astroid, …
  • Static code analysis and what to use which tool when.
  • Raymond Hettinger - Beyond PEP 8 -- Best practices for beautiful intelligible code - PyCon 2015


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13: Ian Cordasco – Betamax
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