Python's test focused podcast is more than just pytest, testing, and TDD.
We also cover Python packaging, data science, CI/CD, project automation, and tons of other software engineering practices.
Hosted by Brian Okken.

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206: TDD in Context

TDD (Test Driven Development) started from Test First Programming, and has been around at least since the 90's. However, software tools and available CI systems have c...

205: pytest autouse fixtures

On a recent episode of PythonBytes, I suggested it's hard to come up with good examples for pytest autouse fixtures, as there aren't very many good reasons to use them...

Free Your Inner Nonfiction Writer

Learn how to write nonfiction fast and well.Johanna Rothman joins the show to discuss writing nonfiction.Johanna's book: Free Your Inner Nonfiction Writer

Open Source at Intel

Open Source is important to Intel and has been for a very long time.Joe Curley, vice president and general manager of software products and ecosystem, and Arun Gupta, ...

Using Towncrier to Keep a Changelog

Hynek joins the show to discuss towncrier. At the top of the towncrier documentation, it says "towncrier is a utility to produce useful, summarized news files (also kn...

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