9: Harry Percival : Testing Web Apps with Python, Selenium, Django

Episode 9 · January 18th, 2016 · 45 mins 14 secs

About this Episode

  • Intro to Harry Percival, his background and story of how he got into TDD and ended up writing a book
  • Comparing using unittest and pytest with applicability to testing django projects.
  • Functional end to end testing with selenium.
  • The django test client for middle level tests.

  • test isolation

  • django and isolated unit tests

  • unit tests vs integration tests

  • Testing done by the development team without an external QA

  • Double loop TDD: Functional test first, then unit tests

  • Spikes: investigations without tests

  • Harry's experience with having a freely available web version of a book that is also intended to be sold.

Update: Comment from Harry Percival on 19-Jan-2014
I might have been a bit down on unit tests vs functional tests in that "unit tests never fail comment".

Not true at all, particularly as we've just been thru upgrading django on our core system, and the unit tests really saved our bacon on that one...