Memorable Tech Talks, The Ultimate Guide - Nina Zakharenko

Episode 71 · April 5th, 2019 · 48 mins 32 secs

About this Episode

Nina Zakharenko gives some great advice about giving tech talks.
We talk about a blog series that Nina wrote called "The Ultimate Guide To Memorable Tech Talks". This episode is full of great help and encouragement for your own public speaking adventures.

Some of what we discuss:

  • overcoming the fear of public speaking
  • breathing and pausing during talks
  • planning your talk as well as planning your time to get ready for the talk
  • writing proposals and getting feedback on proposals
  • Nina's talk in PyCascades on programming Adafruit chips
  • types of talks that are often rejected
  • pre-recording demos to avoid live demo problems
  • why you should speak, even if you are an introvert
  • benefits of public speaking
  • a super cool announcement at the end

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