Python project trove classifiers - Do you need this bit of pyproject.toml metadata?

Episode 197 · April 4th, 2023 · 32 mins 49 secs

About this Episode

Classifiers are one bit of Python project metadata that predates PyPI.

Classifiers are weird.

They were around in setuptools days, and are still here with pyproject.toml.

  • What are they?
  • Why do we need them?
  • Do we need them?
  • Which classifiers should I include?
  • Why are they called "trove classifiers" in the Python docs

Brett Cannon joins the show to discuss these wacky bits of metadata.

Here's an example, from pytest-crayons:

classifiers = [
    "License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License",
    "Framework :: Pytest"

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