Waste in Software Development

Episode 161 · July 20th, 2021 · 18 mins 49 secs

About this Episode

Software development processes create value, and have waste, in the Lean sense of the word waste.
Lean manufacturing and lean software development changed the way we look at value and waste.
This episode looks at lean definitions of waste, so we can see it clearly when we encounter it.

I'm going to use the term waste and value in future episodes. I'm using waste in a Lean sense, so we can look at software processes critically, see the value chain, and try to reduce waste.

Lean manufacturing and lean software development caused people to talk about and examine waste and value, even in fields where we didn't really think about waste that much to begin with.

Software is just ones and zeros. Is there waste?
When I delete a file, nothing goes into the landfill.

The mistake I'm making here is confusing the common English definition of waste when what we're talking about is the Lean definition of waste.

This episode tries to clear up the confusion.

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