WFH, WTF? - Tips and Tricks for Working From Home - Reuven Lerner & Julian Sequeira

Episode 127 · August 24th, 2020 · 41 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

Many people have been working from home now that are not used to working from home.
Or at least are working from home more than they ever did before. That's definitely true for me.
Even though I've been working from home since March, I wanted some tips from people who have been doing it longer.

Julian Sequeira, of PyBites fame, has been working from home for about a year.
Reuven Lerner, an amazing Python trainer, has been working from home for much longer.

We originally had a big list of WFH topics. But we had so much fun with the tips and tricks part, that that's pretty much the whole episode.

But there's lots of great tips and tricks, so I'm glad we focused on that.

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