Data Science and Software Engineering Practices ( and Fizz Buzz ) - Joel Grus

Episode 126 · August 16th, 2020 · 32 mins 17 secs

About this Episode

Researches and others using data science and software need to follow solid software engineering practices. This is a message that Joel Grus has been promoting for some time.

Joel joins the show this week to talk about data science, software engineering, and even Fizz Buzz.

Topics include:

  • Software Engineering practices and data science
  • Difficulties with Jupyter notebooks
  • Code reviews on experiment code
  • Unit tests on experiment code
  • Finding bugs before doing experiments
  • Tests for data pipelines
  • Tests for deep learning models
  • Showing researchers the value of tests by showing the bugs found that wouldn't have been found without them.
  • "Data Science from Scratch" book
    • Showing testing during teaching Data Science
  • "Ten Essays on Fizz Buzz" book
    • Meditations on Python, mathematics, science, engineerign and design
    • Testing Fizz Buzz
    • Different algorithms and solutions to an age old interview question.
  • If not Fizz Buzz, what makes a decent coding interview question.
  • pytest
  • hypothesis
  • Math requirements for data science

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