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Corporate Training

Corporate Training


Do you want to get up to speed on pytest?
pytest can be tricky. But it's also powerful.
I've used pytest for many years. I've also written a book on it.
I offer custom training in various formats to help your team all speak fluent pytest.

Reach out via the contact form and we can set up a chat.

Training is by Brian Okken.


My courses are highly interactive, with numerous exercises and opportunities for discussion. A mix of presentation, exercises, demonstration, and discussion, training days are now fun again.

Learn by doing

To really learn something, you have to put it to use right away. After each new concept or technique, we try it out with an exercise. I want you to have fun, not get stuck. So these exercises can be as interactive as they need to be, and I'm around to ask questions.

Each exercise is then demonstrated. I encourage people to speak up at this point as well, they may have come up with a better way to do it than I've shown, and everyone attending should benefit from those insights.

The demonstration portion is also an excellent time for anyone who doesn't quite get it yet to ask as many questions as needed.

Shared experience and common language

One of the best outcomes of group trainings is that a team or even individuals from many teams get to learn the other people in their company that really care about quality. They learn together. They will be able to share testing style and have shared names for concepts and techniques. This is bound to spark conversations and ideas on how your software can be tested more effectively.

Ongoing resource

Followup training is available for new hires, to reinforce specific techniques, or to expand into advanced testing excitement.

Make testing fun

I am serious when I say testing is one of the most satisfying and fun parts of being a software engineer, for me. My goal is to help your team catch that spark, and help make writing tests a productivity accellorator for you.