Test & Code : Python Testing for Software Engineering

Because Software Engineering should include more testing

About the show

Test & Code is a weekly podcast hosted by Brian Okken.
The show covers a wide array of topics including software engineering, development, testing, Python programming, and many related topics.
When we get into the implementation specifics, that's usually Python, such as Python packaging, tox, pytest, and unittest. However, well over half of the topics are language agnostic, such as data science, DevOps, TDD, public speaking, mentoring, feature testing, NoSQL databases, end to end testing, automation, continuous integration, development methods, Selenium, the testing pyramid, and DevOps.

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  • 44: Mentoring - Nina Zakharenko

    July 21st, 2018  |  26 mins 42 secs
    developer advocate, github, mentoring, microsoft, public speaking

    Nina Zakharenko is a cloud developer advocate at Microsoft focusing on Python. We talk about her experience with mentoring, both being a mentor, and utilizing mentors.

  • Preparing for Technical Talks with Kelsey Hightower - bonus episode

    July 16th, 2018  |  8 mins 30 secs
    public speaking, talks, technical presentations

    Kelsey Hightower answers a quick question about how he prepares for technical talks.

  • 43: Kelsey Hightower - End to End & Integration Testing

    July 5th, 2018  |  41 mins 47 secs

    "You cannot compromise on integration tests." Kelsey Hightower expands on this idea to discuss real world testing of complicated systems.

  • 42: Using Automated Tests to Help Teach Python - Trey Hunner

    June 27th, 2018  |  58 mins 31 secs

    This interview with Trey Hunner discusses his use of automated tests to help teach programming.

  • 41: Testing in DevOps and Agile - Anthony Shaw

    April 18th, 2018  |  44 mins 47 secs
    agile, devops, pytest, testing

    We talk with Anthony Shaw about some of the testing problems facing both DevOps teams, and Agile teams. We also talk about his recent pull request accepted into pytest.

  • 40: On Podcasting - Adam Clark

    April 10th, 2018  |  48 mins 47 secs

    A discussion about podcasting with Adam Clark from The Gently Mad and Irresistible Podcasting.

  • 39: Thorough software testing for critical features

    March 29th, 2018  |  18 mins 59 secs
    boundary value analysis, decision tables, equivalence partitioning, parametrization, test case design

    Some functionality is important enough to make sure the test behavior coverage is thorough. In this episode, we discuss 3 techniques that can be combined to quickly generate test cases. We then talk about how to implement them efficiently in pytest.

  • 38: Prioritize software tests with RCRCRC

    March 13th, 2018  |  11 mins 13 secs
    heuristics, mnemonics

    Use the RCRCRC mnemonic/heuristic to prioritize functionality that needs to be tested.

  • 37: What tests to write first

    March 7th, 2018  |  20 mins 55 secs
    testing strategy

    What tests to you write first when testing a legacy system? Or any system really?

  • 36: Stephanie Hurlburt - Mentoring and Open Office Hours

    February 12th, 2018  |  31 mins 21 secs
    image compression, mentoring, open office hours, testing complex systems, twitter dms

    A discussion with Stephanie Hurburt about how she mentors people new in the field through open DMs and open office hours.

  • 35: Continuing Education and Certificate Programs at UW

    January 31st, 2018  |  25 mins 18 secs
    continuing education

    A discussion about continuing education, specifically certificate programs, at UW and other universities, either online or in person.

  • 34: TDD and Test First

    December 31st, 2017  |  25 mins
    tdd, test first, xp

    Test Driven Development (TDD), how it relates to Test First, and what is Test First Development.

  • 33: Katharine Jarmul - Testing in Data Science

    November 30th, 2017  |  37 mins 14 secs
    data science, fuzz testing, software testing

    A discussion with Katharine Jarmul, aka kjam, about some of the challenges of data science with respect to testing.

  • 32: David Hussman - Agile vs Agility, Dude's Law, and more

    October 3rd, 2017  |  47 mins 27 secs
    agile methodologies, agility, learning, tdd, testing, xp

    A wonderful discussion with David Hussman. David and Brian look back at what all we've learned in XP, TDD, and other Agile methodologies, where things have gone awry, how to bring the value back, and where testing fits into all of this.

  • 31: I'm so sick of the testing pyramid

    September 27th, 2017  |  39 mins 57 secs
    tdd, testing strategy, unit testing

    What started as a twitter disagreement carries over into this civil discussion of software testing. Brian and Paul discuss testing practices such as the testing pyramid, TDD, unit testing, system testing, and balancing test effort.

  • 30: Legacy Code - M. Scott Ford

    July 31st, 2017  |  41 mins 47 secs
    kanban, legacy code, readability, testing pyramid

    M. Scott Ford is the founder and chief code whisperer at Corgibytes, a company focused on helping other companies with legacy code. We talk about the company, about testing strategy, getting a handle on technical debt and process debt, iterative development, and a lot more.