Paul Moore

Special guest

Paul is a core Python developer and has been involved in Python since
version 1.4. He's also the PEP delegate for PEPs relating to
interoperability standards for packaging, and a pip code developer.
He's worked on a number of Python developments including PEP 302
(import hooks) and many of the packaging standards including PEP 517
and 518 (build system interfaces). He's been involved in open source
for many years, having also contributed to vim (user defined commands,
the Oracle SQL syntax, and the Python and COM interfaces in
particular) and C++ (the Boost rational number library). His personal
Python projects tend to be small personal scripts, or data analysis

His "day job" is as an Oracle application consultant, and he has a
family, with 2 grown-up children.

In his spare time he plays music (guitar and piano) and board and computer games.

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