Oliver Bestwalter

Special guest

Oliver is a Software Developer at Avira, helping a diverse range of product teams to improve their build, test and release processes. He strives to be a good open source citizen by helping to maintain and improve projects in the area of testing and automation. As part of this effort he spends 20% of his time at Avira working on open source projects. He also enjoys accompanying others on their journey, helping them to improve their skills, and acts as a coach and mentor at Avira and with the Python Academy. When he gets the chance (and can rustle up the courage) he also talks at conferences and meetups.

Oliver is married to a wonderful woman from Devon/England and enjoys being part of a growing multicultural family. He is also the pet of a cat called Flopsi. He likes good food, good music and good books. His guilty pleasure is re-watching (sometimes really bad) films from the 80s for the umpteenth time. He will also never get tired of Monty Python - the main reason why he wanted to learn Python in the first place.

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