Dane Hillard

Special guest

Dane Hillard is a software engineer and web developer interested in education, biotechnology, and open source.

Dane has a B.S.E in computer engineering with a minor in mathematics from the University of Michigan. As a software engineer, Dane has worked on intelligence research and development at SAIC (now Leidos) and personalized cancer genomics at Compendia Bioscience (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific). As a lead web application developer at ITHAKA, his focus is mainly on web development in Python, Django, and front-end technologies to enable academic research.

Dane grew up in Michigan and currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dane is currently writing a book, Code Like a Pro: Software Development in Python.
The book is geared toward people just getting into software development, or using Python as a supplement to their work in a different discipline. (check out episode 70 for a discount code.)

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