Test & Code

Be a Guest

Be a Guest

Being a guest on the Test & Code podcast


  • You and a topic - Do you have a good topic for the show?
  • Before the show - How to sign up for a time and get ready for the interview.
  • At the time of the show - What to expect during the interview
  • At the end of the show - Still part of the interview call.
  • Info from you - Be sure to send pic, bio, links to me before the episode goes live.
  • When the episode is published - How to help spread the word.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if any of this is unclear.

You and a topic

  • You don't have to be an expert or a professional public speaker to be a great guest. I want to talk with people that have something interesting to share.
  • Use the contact form or DM me on twitter if you want bounce around some topic ideas.
  • I'm shooting for approx 30 min episodes. But some episodes are shorter, and some are close to an hour. It's all good.

Before the show

  • Schedule a time.
    Most scheduling is done through https://calendly.com/testandcode If you don't find a time there that will work with you, let me know, and we can work something out.
  • Send me links to any reading or videos it would be important for me to review before we talk, if any.
  • Headphones
    Have some during recording so that my voice doesn't come through onto your track.
  • You don't have to have a fancy mic or a headset, but if you do have one use it.
    If you want to buy a mic, I recommend the ATR 2100 USB mic. It's super great for the price. Around $60. But you don't have to get one just for this recording. Headsets are great too, but I don't have any recommendations.
  • Let me know if you prefer audio only or audio+video for the interview.
    Only the audio is recorded, but having video is more natural for some people.
    Ironically, I recommend audio+video if you are more of an introvert because it allows you to be silent and think about your answers and as long as your screen doesn't freeze, I won't be worried that the connection just went offline. :) But it's your choice. And you can change your mind.
  • Let me know if there is something specific you want to make sure we cover.
  • Before the time of the show I'll send you a link (zencastr) to the recording page.
  • Zencastr requires Chrome or Chrome-like browsers. So be sure to use one of those.

At time of the show

  • I log in to the recording page. You log in to the recording page. We say hi.
  • Let me know if there is something specific you want to make sure we cover.
  • We'll chat for a few minutes and then I'll say something like "you ready to start?"
  • When you are ready, I'll say something like "Welcome to Test & Code. Today we have . , would you introduce yourself".
  • Then you say whatever you want to introduce who you are.
  • Then I ask you more questions, you reply, etc. etc.
  • Interviews are typically 25-40 min.
  • Remember to pause and breathe.
  • It's ok to restate something if you want to.
  • It's ok to ask questions of me, or ask for clarification if you don't understand what I've asked you.
  • The podcast is edited after recording, so lots of stuff can be cleaned up.

At the end of the show

  • I'll thank you for being on the show.
  • Hopefully I'll remember to ask you where people can find out more info about you or reach you.
  • After we wrap up the interview, DON'T close the zencastr window right away. It takes a few seconds to complete the recording transfer.
  • I'll stop recording, and then you can ask any questions or whatever then. And I'll tell you approximately when it might come out.

Info from you

  • Before we publish, I'll need
    • A picture of you
    • A bio (see https://testandcode.com/guests for examples)
    • Links associated with you. Zero or more of (website, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc).
    • Links you want included in the show notes

When episode is published

  • Please listen, and check out the show notes.
    • I can correct anthing if I got something wrong.
  • Help promote the episode